Absolute Love - Absolute Power - Gary Venden

Absolute Love - Absolute Power

by Gary Venden

The cross reveals God’s love. The resurrection demonstrates God’s power. Love without power is a weak sentiment. Power without love is tyranny and death. Love with power is LIFE. Through the cross and resurrection, God has shown Himself to be both absolute love and absolute power. Therefore God IS LIFE. And … when LOVE is in POWER - LIFE happens.

Gary and Marilynn Venden have been in ministry for 34 years. After graduating from Pacific Union College in 1979, they interned in Southern California, then spent four years “on the road” in evangelism with the North American Division and the Carolina Conference. They came to Northern California in 1984 and worked first as evangelists, then as pastors in San Anselmo. They have ministered for years at the Glendale church in Phoenix, Arizona.

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  • Harmony-1-Lifted-Up.pdf
  • Harmony-2-It-Is-Finished.pdf
  • Harmony-3-At-Rest.pdf
  • Harmony-5-Nonsense-and-Evidence.pdf
  • Harmony-6-Lovers-vs-Consumers.pdf
  • Harmony-7-Simon-Johnson.pdf

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Available Titles
1 - Lifted Up - Gary Venden - 2013 RCM.mp3
2 - It Is Finished - Gary Venden - 2013 RCM.mp3
3 - At Rest - Gary Venden - 2013 RCM.mp3
4 - When Life Met Death - Gary Venden - 2013 RCM.mp3
5 - Nonsense and Evidence - Gary Venden - 2013 RCM.mp3
6 - Jesus is REAL Life - Gary Venden - 2013 RCM.mp3
7 - Lovers vs. Consumers - Gary Venden - 2013 RCM.mp3
8 - Simon Johnson - Gary Venden - 2013 RCM.mp3
9 - The Mountain of the Lord - Gary Venden - 2013 RCM.mp3

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