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How to Conduct a Cooking School - Fred Hardinge/Marcella Lynch (AVCHD)

How to Conduct a Cooking School -  Fred Hardinge/Marcella Lynch (AVCHD)
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Fred Hardinge & Marcella Lynch
How to Conduct a Neighborhood Cooking Class
2012 Redwood Camp Meeting

      "How to Conduct Neighborhood Cooking Classes" - Never has our world seen a greater interest in healthful eating. This interest provides Seventh-day Adventists a wonderful opportunity to share with neighbors and community friends how they can improve their health by preparing simple, nutritious meals. You don't have to be a nutritionist to be a Good Food Demonstrator. The seminar will focus on the practical aspects of becoming a competent and confident demonstrator of good food in the context of home-based neighborhood nutrition classes, including good food menu-planning and guidelines for healthy recipes.

     For over 35 years, Fred Hardinge, DrPH, RD, CHES, has been communicating the message: "Your choices can lead you to be healthy and more productive!" to a wide variety of audiences. His background includes pastoring, academic teaching, community health education, corporate training and consultation, administration, and private health counseling. He is known nationally and internationally as a creative educator and motivational speaker. He was cofounder of Bibleinfo.com in 1995 and founder of PositiveChoices.com, a new health evangelism web initiative. Currently, he is an associate director of the General Conference Health Ministries Department.

     For over 40 years Marcella Lynch, home economist, author and lecturer has taught thousands how to choose and prepare the best foods and dishes in her wonderful step-by-step presentations: on 3ABN television, at campmeetings, Health Summit Nutrition Instructor classes, numerous community cooking schools, and 16 years teaching Foods and Nutrition to academy students.


  1. Introduction Rationale for Cooking Schools
  2. Designing Cooking School Programs
  3. Diet for a Lifetime
  4. Teaching Demonstrations
  5. Principles of Food Demos
  6. Digestion and Metabolism
  7. How to Choose REcipes
  8. PRO, FAT, CHO in Nutrition
  9. Food Based Meal Planning
  10. Adventist Health Study Update
  11. Designing Your Plate, Reading Food Labels
  12. Cooking Demonstration

Approximate Running Time
45min - 1 hour (average) each (12 parts)
These presentations come on 1 AVCHD disc.


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