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     "And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads."  -Revelation 7:2-3

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The Second Coming Dream - Ryan McCoy - June 8, 2015

Our speaker/director Ryan McCoy shares a powerful dream he had this morning (June 8, 2015):
"I JUST HAD A MOST INCREDIBLE DREAM! I SAW A SNIPPET OF THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST. I SAW WHAT I BELIEVE WAS THE CHARIOT. It was still quite a ways off, but it was closer than the more distant description given of a cloud in the distance (1 Kings 18:44, Early Writings 35.1, Great Controversy 640.3, Ezekiel 10:8) I was standing on the earth. Angry clouds covered every part of the sky except where the chariot-formation was. (Great Controversy 636.1) The opening in the clouds formed a bit of a parallelogram from the angle I was looking through them. No other openings in the clouds were visible.

Throughout the "panels" and "frames" (1 Kings 7:28) of the chariot the angels were marshaled into companies. The companies made up the various parts of the chariot. They were all holding their assigned formation shapes closely. What I saw was not a loose disorganized cloud of angels like most artists' renditions, but a DISTINCT four-wheeled chariot type formation. I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT BEFORE.

The four "wheels" were VERY NOTICEABLE. (Ezekiel 10:9) Each wheel was uniform in size, "had the same likeness" (Ezekiel 1:16, 1 Kings 7:30,32,33), but each also appeared to contain (or had next to it depending on your perspective) a unique shape (cherubim?) containing a symbol of some kind. (Ezekiel 10:9,10, 1 Kings 7:36) They were located at the four corners of the two side "frames" (1 Kings 7:28,29,32) in a top and bottom arrangement from my perspective (like an overhead view of a four wheeled chariot with the side panels moved out for clarity). (see also Zechariah 6:1-7)

The main square body "panel" (1 Kings 7:28,29) of the chariot contained four main INCREDIBLE SYMBOLS (see 1 Kings 7:31,36) on the four corners although for the life of me I cannot draw them now. Each symbol was different than the others. There was one symbol in the upper right on the body "panel" of the chariot that I was more fascinated with than the others. It seemed to stand out more than the others. In it I could see at least three, almost 3D looking layers. There may have been other symbols on the body and side "panels" but the chariot was still too distant to make them out. I did draw the overall chariot shape (panels, wheels, and center "wheel") that I saw and where the various parts and symbols were roughly located in relation as I saw them from my perspective.

There was another VERY DISTINCT "WHEEL" at the center of the body "panel" of the chariot, it was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WHEEL WITHIN A WHEEL! I cannot emphasize enough that this center "wheel" was by far the most prominent feature of the entire chariot and formation. It was INCREDIBLY STRIKING! The glory of God emanated from its center hub like beautiful "wisping" spokes to a distinct outer ring. Each spoke of the center wheel was very elegant and different from the others, they were moving and changing their shape slowly as the chariot approached the earth. Some of them were intertwined and swept past each other in majestic arcs to the outside of the wheel. What the spokes consisted of I do not know, it may have just been streams of plasma like light. Jesus was at the very center of the hub of this very distinct wheel in the center of the chariot's body. I did not see Him but only the "inexpressible glory" surrounding Him. (1SP 240.3, 6BC 1053.9) Other than the "spokes" the direct space around Jesus seemed clear as if to punctuate that Jesus was the center (the hub of the center wheel). (1 Kings 7:33)

I cannot even begin to describe how I felt watching Jesus return. The best word I can think of is AWESTRUCK. I distinctly recall a family member standing nearby as we both gazed up into the heavens. This family member hugged me as we watched Jesus approach in AMAZED WONDER. The scene was INCREDIBLY SURREAL. I was aware of others around me but could not take my eyes off Jesus and the chariot.

I had no idea where on the earth I was standing. The eyes of everyone were on Jesus and the chariot. There was hardly anything else visible because of the brightness and amazing formation of the angels around Jesus. Everything of earth appeared dark and dull in contrast. It was at this point that I awoke.

I am not given to being much of an "emotional" man but what I saw this morning had me still WEEPING DEEPLY with tears of EMOTION and JOY off and on for about 4 hours after as I attempted to write out what I just saw. I have tried to be as descriptive as possible. I have also spent a little time researching and have added some scriptures and EGW statements that help describe what I saw. I may revise things a bit as I remember something more clearly or scripture helps me to clarify. I only saw this scene for what seemed to be about 30 seconds so I've tried my best to relate it all.

Since about 2005 I have had many dreams from God, most have been somewhat personal in nature and I have not said much about them. About half have concerned final events to help me understand difficult things encountered in my study, but I can't help but share this dream.

I hope that if you read this that your faith in Jesus will be strengthened. If you don't know Jesus as your personal savior PLEASE GET TO KNOW HIM!
--Ryan McCoy (speaker/director for Sealing Time Ministries) June 8, 2015
"Stand fast to your allegiance. Help is coming." {Great Controversy 632.3}"

More recommended reading concerning the chariot I saw:
See Acts of the Apostles 65.1 (Jesus was taken to heaven in a chariot)
See Acts 1:11 - The angels told the disciples that Jesus "will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven." -Acts 1:11 NKJV
Second coming and the chariot in EGW - "It looked all over glorious as it rolled upward. On either side of the chariot were wings, and beneath it wheels. And as the chariot rolled upward, the wheels cried, 'Holy,' and the wings, as they moved, cried, 'Holy,' and the retinue of holy angels around the cloud cried, 'Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!' And the saints in the cloud cried, 'Glory! Alleluia!' And the chariot rolled upward to the Holy City." {Early Writings 35.1}
Elijah was taken to heaven in a chariot - "Then it happened, as they continued on and talked, that suddenly a chariot of fire appeared with horses of fire, and separated the two of them; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven." -2 Kings 2:11 NKJV

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